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okay, so i decided to enter a happy entry for a change! neat. - Call me a safe bet. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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okay, so i decided to enter a happy entry for a change! neat. [Apr. 17th, 2005|11:27 pm]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |mcr-helena]

okay the last two days have been alot of fun and ive only consumed half a beer. yesterday i worked but okay i need money, then i went to a bon-fire a ambers and i chilled there for a while with her and mel good time. then rosie and i were gonna go bowling... but we decieded saran wrapping high schoolers cars would be so much more fun. we did that and sorta mingled with them as one by one they left and found theyre cars... we finished the last beer of the case that was dwelling in my room *tear* time to buy more beer! then today i went shopping, its been so long. i got this gorgeous tank thats all sparkly from target and some awesome shoes to go with it. its perfect wear for going out! yay. then i got ** fazolis ** for dinner. hhhmmmm. then i went to kohls (cuz rosie said they were open til 9- she lied.), but they closed at eight. so i went to shopko, even tho im still mad at them for not carrying calculators, but w/e i got some really cute socks and underwear!

im doing lots of chores around the house, cuz my mom said shed take me to rogans, theyre having buy one pair of chucks get one half off! isnt that super exciting, and i totally feel about 12 now, saying im doing chores for my mom to get stuff. but its the end of the sentence thats important i get stuff, aka CHUCKS!

there is one sad thing i wanna talk about in this entry. friday night when i was at work, a homeless man came in got pizza. he said that he had spent all day scavaging for the change to but the pizza. i didnt even wanna take his money, but i also didnt want to make him feel bad either. amber d. and i decided that we would just give him some free breadsticks.. but i really wish that there was more that i could do. however, i realize once again, how well i really have it. it brings me to tears that ppl have to live like that in one of the richest countries in the world. and to think most of us are really only a couple finacial diasters away from it too. i really think that im gonna look into helping out at loaves and fishes again or something.i can most def. donate my time.